The lawyers at Bauer Law Offices provide cost effective services in the licensing of intellectual property, software and information technology, commercial transactions and several other business areas related to our intellectual property and technology law practice. We work with legal partners and service providers to coordinate and provide comprehensive services for most technology-related aspects of your business.

Our licensing and transactional services include: 

  • Technology Licensing and Tech Transfer
  • Software Licensing
  • Information Technology Contracts and Operations
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Joint Ventures and Development Agreements
  • Arts and Media
  • Internet Disputes
  • Internet Hosting & Website Agreements
  • General Regulatory Compliance and Regulatory Agencies

Almost all modern businesses include the extensive use and licensing of intellectual property and technology.  We coordinate and manage licenses and other legal aspects of operations to reduce risk stemming from the use of intellectual property of others.  These transactional services are helpful to clients ranging from solo innovators and startup businesses to mid-size manufacturing companies, large corporations, nonprofit organizations and institutions, and every level in between.  We also engage in technology asset protection ranging from anti-competitive conduct of competitors, tracking and stopping counterfeiting, implementation of data security protocols, and the safeguarding of internet property.